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Software Developer Interview Questions

Software developers are in charge of design, installation, testing, and maintenance of software systems. They don’t just do magic with codes but perform an important role in the business efficiency and delivering better IT services. So, hiring a good software developer is a mission-critical and complicated task. If you don’t want to end up working with a bunch of low-skilled individuals, revise this set of Software Developer Interview Questions.


  • Enumerate quality (or non-functional) requirements?
  • A customer wants the highest performance, the highest usability, and the highest security. What would you recommend?
  • How can you specify requirements? Enumerate the major techniques. Which one is the most efficient?
  • Define requirements tracing. What are the types of requirements tracing?
  • How do you track requirements?
  • How do you handle changing requirements?
  • Where can you find requirements?
  • How can you prioritize requirements?
  • How do you handle incomplete or incomprehensive requirements?

Functional Design

  • Do you know other terms for functional design?
  • How do you enable the user to select multiple from a huge list in a small amount of space?
  • How to make data entry correct?
  • How can you prototype applications?
  • Can an app anticipate user behavior? Provide examples.
  • How can you design access to a vast variety of features?
  • Can you use different colors to highlight pieces of text? What is the problem with them?
  • What are the limitations of a Windows/web environment?

Technical Design

  • Define high cohesion and low coupling.
  • How do you handle conflicts in a web app when users are editing the same data?
  • Enumerate design patterns? Which ones did you use?
  • Define a stateless business layer.
  • What responsibilities and tiers in an N-tier do you know?
  • How can you ensure that data in architecture is correct and robust?
  • What makes object-oriented and component-based design different?


  • How can your check your code’s ability to handle different errors?
  • What is Test-Driven Development? What is Extreme Programming? What are its principles?
  • What makes you review somebody else’s code?
  • What are your favorite tools?
  • How can you guarantee that your code is fast and safe?
  • What is polymorphism?
  • When do you use static members/a Singleton class?
  • Describe the code’s lifecycle?


  • What is a regressions test?
  • How do you test the quality of code? What tools do you use?
  • What are the most typical problems in your products after deployment?
  • What is code coverage?
  • What makes functional and exploratory testing different? How to test a website?
  • What makes a test plan, a test suite, and a test case different?

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