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Network Administrator Interview Questions

The suggested template will furnish you with the most popular and tricky job interview questions. As you may spend a lot of time on preparation before an actual interview, this sample will make the process less time-consuming. Moreover, there are some questions that will work perfectly for you to evaluate the employee’s past performance and their overall professional capacity.

Technical and scenario-based questions

The introductory part of any job interview contains a few queries about the prospect’s personality. Still, the question of paramount importance is to figure out the applicant’s technical proficiency and hands-on experience. Ask them questions that will eventually shine the light on their strong and weak points. Make sure the questions you implement relate to the network administration as it is. Thus, you will have better chances to conclude if the office-seeker is apt to handle the workload.

  • Share your experience of managing configuration.
  • Do you generally keep records of your network? How?
  • Can you see any difference between a switch, router, and hub? Explain your point.
  • What does stand for?
  • What’s the use of a crosslink cable?
  • What monitoring approaches or tools do you consider most efficient and why?
  • Could you depict the main differences between Windows Server, Windows Pro, and Windows Home?
  • Explain the notion of TCP three-way handshake.

Another helpful tip is to address a few scenario-based questions to the potential employees. At a risk of sounding familiar, we believe not a single interview can be conducted without such queries. By asking the applicant to solve the following situational problems, you’ll have a representation of how proficient they are.

  • In case any network problems occur, how do you define which relates to DNS?
  • Bring us through your preferred process for system maintenance.
  • Imagine you have to access a shared folder from a remote computer. What method(s) would you recourse to?
  • Envisage a situation you’re configuring TCP/IP manually. What consequences may result from your leaving the default gateway information blank?

Personality-based queries

When an interview is about to end up, it’s time to knock down the interviewee with a bunch of behavioral questions. The main objective of this set is to assess the job candidate’s soft skills, including interpersonal and communication competencies.

  • How do you keep up with the new technological achievements?
  • Have you ever attended any conferences, meetups, or training to improve your professional knowledge?
  • Tell about the most challenging technical issue you’ve ever stumbled upon. How did you come over it? Can you imagine doing anything differently?

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