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Finance Manager Interview Questions

The role of finance manager evolves around two major duties: consulting senior management and conducting finance operations. In some organizations, they may also perform other tasks, which often include controlling investments and budget planning. In this respect, a qualified finance manager should display a solid knowledge of reporting, data analysis, and budgeting. Plus, the good grasp of daily financial operations is equally important.

Applicants are commonly required to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or any other related major. Also, the relevant experience is a must in the majority of companies. However, nothing will uncover the totally fit talent better than a bunch of in-depth Finance Manager Interview Questions. Review our list and modify it for your specific recruitment goals.


  • Senior management asks you if it’s relevant to stop offering some service or product. How would approach the issue?
  • You need to manage multiple priorities. How would handle this?
  • Your subordinate miscalculated. How would you solve the problem?
  • How would you resolve a conflict between your subordinate accountants?
  • Your company has purchased new equipment. In what way would it affect financial statements?
  • How would you inspire your staff for new finance strategies?


  • Your upper management needs a financial report. What exactly would you submit?
  • How to assess the company’s progress? What metrics comes in handy?
  • How to evaluate the enterprise’s investments?
  • What documents will show you whether an organization is doing well or not?
  • How do you usually calculate ROI?
  • Are you familiar with benchmarking studies?
  • What’s your experience with the relevant software?
  • How do you encourage teamwork, initiatives, innovations, or the like?


  • Have you ever given advice to your upper management that significantly optimized your company’s ROI?
  • Have you ever dealt with a very tight deadline? How did you manage?
  • Have you ever demonstrated the initiative that worked out?
  • Describe a time when you disagreed with your senior management. Did you make them change their opinion?
  • Recall a time when your professional knowledge benefited your organization.
  • Have you ever boosted the timeliness/quality of the financial data?
  • Describe your team leadership experience. What is your leadership style? How has it affected your company’s wellbeing/the careers of your subordinates?
  • Have you ever managed a difficult subordinate? How did you approach the situation?
  • How many performance appraisals have you conducted this year? Evaluate your personal contribution to the work performance. Did you expand your team?

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