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Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

A customer service representative is the first point of contact for a client. Being a liaison between customers and the company, a CSR provides information about their company’s product/services and tackles any problems that their clients might experience.

They are more than actors with forced smiles. A customer service rep genuinely strives to give a hand to a customer. Such a specialist should display patience, professionalism, and empathy along with solid communication skills. If you see that an applicant doesn’t like to talk, they have no place in customer service. Client feedback is priceless since it leads to the generation of sales leads. So, hiring the top-qualified specialist is a mission-critical task. The following Customer Service Representative Interview Questions will fast-track your way to the real pro.

Start your interview with several introductory questions to uncover the candidate’s experience and relevant education.

  • What customer care qualifications do you have?
  • What have you done to become a professional customer service representative?
  • Do you have work experience in customer care?
  • Have you ever increased revenue at your last/present company?

It’s vital to make sure that your interviewee has a good knack for this field. A couple of theoretical questions will help you gain a clear picture about your candidate’s relevant knowledge:

  • What do you know about customer service?
  • Enumerate the benefits of efficient customer service?
  • What customer service systems do you know? Which one do you use?

As stated above, a CSR should possess a set of certain personal qualities. The questions below will help you weed out all unfit job seekers.

  • Why do you consider yourself to be a good candidate for this position?
  • How do you interact with clients? What are you strong/weak points?

Any customer service rep should display superior communication skills in combination with resourcefulness and ability to find solutions to problems related to the company’s service/product in no time. The following questions will help you explore such personal qualities:

  • Have you ever resolved really complicated customer issue? Tell me about that time.
  • Talk about the time when you handled an angry client.
  • Imagine that the client says that you’re talking too long before providing help to them. How would you respond?
  • Have you ever failed to tackle the client’s problem? Tell me about that time.
  • How would you fix the problem when the customer is complaining about the common issue related to your product?
  • Remember the most common clients’ questions. Answer them now.

Being the first points of contact for customers, customer service reps are hired to make their upper management improve the company’s products and services. In this respect, they communicate customer tastes, preferences, and grievances to their colleagues and seniors for adjustments to be made. Explore your applicant’s ability to work as an integral part of a team with these questions:

  • Do you define yourself as a team player? What makes you one?
  • How do you collaborate with other teammates to achieve one goal?
  • What kind of team structure did you work within at your previous job?
  • What kind of team structure is the most suitable for you?

In the end of customer service representative interview, ask several questions to explore whether a candidate is the best fit for your company:

  • Are you able to work extra hours?
  • What type of schedule do you prefer?
  • What inspires you to do the repetitive job well?
  • What do you know about our company? What are our products? What services does it deliver?
  • What makes you a good fit for our enterprise as a CSR?

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