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Computer Operator Interview Questions

A computer operator is a specialist who monitors and controls computer systems within an organization or a company, providing assistance to a system administrator. Their duties revolve around software and hardware issues, system performance improvement, batch processing control, online availability (as well as all the relevant documentation) maintenance, and assisting staff with computer issues. The rest of computer operator responsibilities may include peripheral equipment maintenance, system backups, and providing customer support.

As a computer operator lands the position, they might be asked to learn IBM’s OS/390 or other OS’s, apps employed by the company, or local area network operation. In addition, a high school diploma is typically a must for this job. In the most cases, candidates are also expected to possess technical experience or an additional certification. A good computer operator effectively cooperates with each and every team member and can work independently at the same time. Also, such a specialist must demonstrate superb analytical skills and an ability to quickly respond to emergency situations.

The list of Computer Operator Interview Questions provided below will assist you in hiring the perfect fit for your organization. Just study them from A to Z and modify them for your company if necessary.


  • One of your co-workers has trouble receiving corporate e-mail messages. How would you help them?
  • Some of your co-workers complain about the inability to perform video calls. What measures would you take to eradicate the problem?
  • Your upper management decided to create guides and manuals for the company’s computer equipment. What instructions would you give your co-workers to help them use a printer?
  • How to beat malware?
  • One of your co-workers frequently visits an unsavory website. Would you block this website or take other measures?


  • Describe the process of using a printer in a Windows 8 (start from installation)?
  • Define batch processing.
  • What operation systems can you interact with?
  • What are the main preventative measures for any computer?
  • What is SQL?


  • How can you preserve motivation performing routine tasks?
  • Computer operators often handle several tasks at the same time. How to efficiently perform all of them?
  • Describe the time you failed to provide assistance to an employee in time. What happened? How did you fix the situation?
  • How do you prefer to work when it comes to challenging projects, with a team or on your own?
  • How do you stay updated on IT progress?
  • Describe the time you coped with a difficult situation.
  • Your PC has halted and is about to crash. What would you do?

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