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Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

The mission of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) is to foster public health through scientific discovery, translational research and the dissemination of research results through specially-configured, high-impact public-private partnerships consistent with the priorities of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The FNIH is not only involved in large, ambitious initiatives with potentially high impact on the lives of millions of the world’s citizens, but it also supports smaller focused programs in clinical training and ancillary support programs. The FNIH helps to underwrite biomedical initiatives that might not be attractive for private funding alone, or for one reason or another are not appropriate for wholly public funding. The FNIH may take on projects that are particularly risky in terms of the likelihood of success or where companies may be willing to forgo profits because of early stage nature of the program or in the case of some global health initiatives due to the charitable nature of the project. The FNIH's projects tend to be longer-term, operating on a time scale that can be unattractive for private investors. At the same time the foundation is capable of responding quickly and nimbly to funding needs that are immediate and pressing. With the goals of NIH as its guide, the FNIH serves both the public and private sectors, helping them achieve significant breakthroughs in human health in areas of interest that overlap with those of NIH. To learn more about FNIH, its programs and partnership opportunities, or to make a contribution, please visit www.fnih.org
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North Bethesda, MD, United States
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