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Audi of America

Audi of America

"Vorsprung durch Technik"​ or "Progress through Technology"​ is our company ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle. It inspires the innovative solutions, revolutionary engineering and progressive design that have become synonymous with the Audi name. And it reminds us to challenge ourselves, rewrite the rules from time to time and always fuel our pioneering spirit. The spirit that sets us apart on the racetrack and the open road. In our Herndon, VA headquarters, our corporate facilities in Auburn Hills, MI, and numerous other locations across the country, we remain committed to this spirit in all that we do. Audi is known for its exacting standards, relentless performance and uncompromising quality. Although you may associate those qualities with our brand, these characteristics also describe our employees. Everything we've accomplished, everything we've come to stand for, has been a direct result of the people who work here. From Marketing, Sales and After Sales to Customer Experience and Financial Services, our employees have a passion for the brand and are motivated by delighting our customers. Our culture reflects our entrepreneurial spirit – always innovating and striving to create Audi fans. We truly work with some of the most talented people in the industry.
Herndon, VA, United States
Company size
200-500 employees
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