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We are going to compare multiple parameters like price, verification methods, APIs, browser extensions, tech support, additional tools and bonuses.

SignalHire Email Finder vs Lusha

Free Trial
5 monthly credits
5 credits
Most popular plan price
$99 per 1,000 emails
$149 per 300 credits
Price per lookup (on most popular plan)
Type of emails found
business, personal
business, personal
Type of phone numbers
cell, business
cell, business
Available as
Chrome extension, web app
Chrome extension
Rating in Chrome Web Store
Team account option
Prospect list export
CSV for all plans
Bulk email finder
on website through an extension
Bulk phone number finder
on website through an extension
Integrations with ATS/CRM
Own database
350 million+
LinkedIn First Connections export
Full prospect profile
Bulk LinkedIn URL search
Social URL search
Social network search (through an extension)
LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, Twitter
LinkedIn, Twitter
Email Tracker
Email campaign sending
7 days/week human support
Live chat, via email, via phone
Via email


About Lusha

What is Lusha?

Lusha is a B2B data provider that operates by providing emails and phone numbers for sales professionals, marketeers, and recruiters.

How does Lusha work?

The most popular service is lusha chrome (referring to the cognominal browser) In order to start getting the value from the service, you need to install Lusha Chrome extension and launch it on LinkedIn. The tool will be pre-showing emails and phone numbers on the page if any found. According to feedback on the WEB, the accuracy of Lusha’s data is hit or miss. Some users love the tool when others prefer better alternatives such as SignalHire Chrome extension.

What are alternatives to Lusha?

SignalHire extension is one of the greatest alternatives to Lusha among others. The tool is designed to get the most accurate and valid emails and phone numbers possible. Double verification process helps to exclude irrelevant, misleading, or false contact information so only verified and up-to-date data is shown.

How much does Lusha cost?

Starting from $99/mo for a basic plan, Lusha pricing goes up when a user needs to get additional seats, credits, or API access.