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We are going to compare multiple parameters like price, verification methods, APIs, browser extensions, tech support, additional tools and bonuses.

SignalHire Email Finder vs Contact Out

Free Trial
5 monthly credits
Most popular plan price
$99 per 1,000 emails
Price per lookup (on most popular plan)
Type of emails found
business, personal
business, personal
Type of phone numbers
cell, business
cell, business
Available as
Chrome extension, web app
Chrome extension, web app
Rating in Chrome Web Store
Team account option
Prospect list export
CSV for all plans
Bulk email finder
on website through an extension
Bulk phone number finder
on website through an extension
Integrations with ATS/CRM
Own database
350 million+
LinkedIn First Connections export
Full prospect profile
Bulk LinkedIn URL search
Social URL search
Social network search (through an extension)
LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, Twitter
LinkedIn, Github
Email Tracker
Email campaign sending
7 days/week human support
Live chat, via email, via phone
Via email


About ContactOut.com

What is ContactOut.com?

Contactout (also may be written as ‘contact out’) is a tool that allows getting emails from social networks and open sources on the WEB.

How does ContactOut.com work?

The tool is searching for emails all over the WEB and matches found data with online profiles

What are alternatives to ContactOut.com?

According to our own research, SignalHire extension finds by 25% more accurate emails than Contact out extension.

What also distinguishes SignalHire from Contactout is how we find emails and phone numbers. All this data is found in real-time mode and verified via 3rd party verification systems which guarantee higher accuracy and data freshness. Emails and phone numbers that have unclear status (that may result in a bounce or disconnected phone) are not reflected by SignalHire.

You can check it on your own by signing up for our free trial and cross-checking them. Our free trials are really free and don’t require a credit card. Even more, you will be getting free credits on a monthly basis without getting charged at all!

How much does ContactOut cost?

It’s unclear from their website (it’s not mentioned anywhere), however, there are some feedback on the WEB telling on how much is contactout. According to them, the pricing is over $2300 per year