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Teligent, Inc.

Teligent, Inc.

Teligent is a specialty generic pharmaceutical company. Our mission is to be a leading player in the specialty generic prescription drug market. Called TICO, our strategy is focused on developing and selling pharmaceutical products in the Topical, Injectable, Complex and Ophthalmic markets. Based in Buena, New Jersey, we have approximately 200 employees working at our 33,000 square-foot manufacturing and R&D complex, as well as in our Canada and Estonia operations. We are currently expanding our New Jersey site to include a sterile injectable, isolator-based manufacturing suite and an expanded footprint for the production of our topical products. There are three pillars that shape our company. First, we are driven by impactful science. Second, we accept no middle ground when it comes to product quality. Finally, we believe in fostering a career of craftsmanship, where our people can become experts in their trade. The spirit of our culture is to work hard, and be nice to people.
Buena, NJ, United States
Company size
100-200 employees
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