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BB7 Fire | Security | Continuity

BB7 Fire | Security | Continuity

BB7 imagines new ways to mitigate risk within the built environment across Fire, Security and Continuity FIRE Fire Engineering We work with architects and design teams to develop fire strategies, which often involves complex engineering analysis. Our aim is to reduce approval risk and increase design certainty from the outset. Modelling & visualisation Computational modelling and visualisation plays a key role in demonstrating fire-engineered solutions, as it allows us to provide models of human behaviour, smoke ventilation and building reaction to elevated temperatures. Fire Risk management We can deliver fire risk assessments; manage entire fire risk assessment programmes; audit your fire risk management system, and help you achieve and maintain fire risk management system certification. SECURITY Security Engineering Security is integral to the success of all mission critical areas and therefore the success of any organisation. Security engineering is about the design of holistic solutions that mitigate risk and integrate with their environment. Security Risk Management We develop a security risk profile through the identifi-cation and analysis of an organisation’s assets, their vulnerabilities, and the threats to them. This can then be used to develop and implement systems that effectively manage identified risk. Cyber Security With over 80% of large businesses in the UK falling victim to some form of cyber-attack, businesses are more likely to suffer loss from a cyber-attack than any other form of crime or intrusion. CONTINUITY Business Resilience Every year, nearly one in five businesses suffers a major interruption. Solid business continuity plans and good crisis preparation prevent such interruptions from becoming business-critical issues that threaten viable operations. Crisis Management Ensuring immediate response to an incident, emergency, crisis or disaster that threatens to disrupt your normal business.
Architecture & Planning
FIRE, SECURITY, CONTINUITY, Fire Risk Management Audits, Fire Risk Management Systems, Fire Modelling, Security Engineering, Security Risk Management, Business Resilience, Cyber Security, Resilience Testing, Crisis Management
Surrey, Surrey, United Kingdom
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10-50 employees
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