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ATTAbotics Inc.

ATTAbotics Inc.

ATTAbotics provides a robotic warehousing and fulfillment system that has the potential to redefine the market. ATTAbotics has taken a different perspective on the technology. Instead of developing technology to speed the human workload, ATTAbotics is a robotic-centric storage and retrieval system. A goods to person system that can be deployed in a smaller space, for a smaller entry level cost, providing industry leading throughput and an opportunity to redefine the warehouse space from large, hub and spoke systems, to small, agile, nodal delivery stations. The ATTAbotics system provides significant benefits to almost any industry that requires a storage and retrieval system, however, consumer demand and expectations for timeliness and service excellence from the e-commerce, m-commerce and omni-channel retail spaces is driving a requirement for new technologies within the traditional warehousing market and ATTAbotics has emerged to address these challenges.
Industrial Automation
Automated Warehousing, Storage and Retrieval, Robotics, Industrial Automation, e-Fulfilment and e-Commerce Storage and Retrieval
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Company size
100-200 employees
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