Talent Sourcing

Find great talents in our 200 MM prospects database, or use an innovative method to get top-skilled individuals by acquiring insights on competitor hiring activity, and trends on workforce flow and company climate to increase your retention level and boost ROI.

Industry talent insights

Get trends on top-skilled talent availability in competitors' companies and competitors' hiring activity insights in 200 industries, 8M companies, and 250M individuals profiles.

Social job distribution

Decrease advertising and agency fees by leveraging the power of social networks and your employees, share jobs to Facebook and Twitter in one click, and get talent referrals from your employees.

Browser extension

In case you unexpectedly can't find certain individuals in our database, you can easily add them from all top social networks in just one click.

Easy multifunctional search tool

It's easy, fast and clear to cut actions, assess individuals, and assign them to vacancies by means of SignalHire's search tool, combining searching, extensive search results and accurate profiles in one place.

Be always one step ahead  in talent acquisition!