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Sigma Resources LLC

Sigma Resources LLC

Sigma Resources was founded in 1998 around the principle of applying technology to solve business problems. Our background was a mix of both business and technology; our teams fundamentally came from information systems and computer science backgrounds, and, through our consulting experiences, had gained insights in business innovation and growth-orientation. Our focus was to combine a deep understanding of technology, and to be technologists at the core of the business. From this basis, we would endeavor to understand fully a business problem, and seek ways to solve the problem in new ways through the use of technology, whether it be to create a new approach, enable certain efficiencies, or fully automate a solution. And, in those pursuits, to attract, reward, grow, and retain talented individuals of like mind. These traits define our culture today, to which you will find Sigma team members exploring new technologies, working with our clients to apply them in new and creating ways, and seeking new additions to our teams.
Information Technology and Services
IT Project Sourcing, IT Project Consulting, Digital Transformation, IT Software Development, IT Solutions, Blockchain, Product and Project Management Services, Data Analytics, Operations and Infrastructure, Virtual Reality, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Company size
100-200 employees
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