Savari Inc.

Savari Inc.

Savari builds software and hardware sensor solutions for OEM automotive car manufacturers, the automotive aftermarket, smart cities, and pedestrians with the vision of making transportation predictive, safer and more efficient. Since its inception in 2008, Savari has been a pioneer in connecting cars and Smart Cities. From its beginnings as a research and innovation hub, the company has grown to be a major supplier to international test beds for connecting cars and cities. In 2015, as Savari’s technology solutions and the market got ready for mass deployments, the world’s leading car manufacturers from the United States and China invested $8 million in Series A funding. With more than 150 combined years of V2X learning and development, and 15 million-plus miles per year of public testing, Savari leads the industry in V2X technology.
Santa Clara, CA
Company size
10,001+ employees
Automotive, ADAS, V2X, Self-driving cars, sensor solutions, Automotive OEM's, Tier 1, smart, smart cities, V2I, V2P, I2P, smart phone, Road side units, On Board Units, making transportation predictive, safer and more efficient
Top employees at
Savari Inc.
Drue Freeman
Member of Advisory Board
Cupertino, California
Anish Kumaramangalam
Software Engineering Intern
San Francisco, California
Jacob Harel
Dir of Operation and HW engineering
San Francisco Bay Area
Steve Goldberg
Board Director
San Francisco Bay Area
Connie Bosse
Office Manager Executive Assistant
Fremont, California

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