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CSX Transportation Intermodal

CSX Transportation Intermodal

As the transportation landscape evolves, it is critical for shippers to proactively protect their supply chains and transportation networks from disruption. Incorporating multiple modes of transportation into the shipping portfolio creates a sustainable, scalable and long-term capacity contingency plan. This will be important in the months to come as trucking challenges such as driver shortages and increased trucking regulations are expected to constrict capacity, decrease productivity and affect costs. Now more than ever, shippers are experiencing the benefits of highway to intermodal rail (H2R) conversion. To learn more about how you can optimize your supply chain using intermodal rail, call us at 1-855-476-9427, or email GO_Intermodal@csx.com. Intermodal is a multi-modal form of transportation that uses rail, ocean vessels and trucks to efficiently move consumer goods in containers and trailers through the domestic and international supply chain. CSXT Intermodal: • Offers service at more than 50+ terminals across the United States • Serves all major East Coast ports • Connects to all major Class 1 carriers • Provides coast-to-coast service through partnerships with other Class 1 carriers Protect against disruption. Build a resilient transportation network with CSX Transportation Intermodal.
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