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Conifer Research

Conifer Research

Conifer Research brings practical insight to companies that wish to change and innovate. Through an ethnographic approach to research, we help our clients embed their creativity into an understanding of the everyday lives of people they hope to engage – customers, workers, and end-users. Our seasoned team of anthropologists, strategists, and information designers act as consultants, facilitators, and coaches, to help organizations gather deep insight and apply it in a timely manner to reach their goals. Clients come to Conifer for many reasons, but with a common challenge: How do we align business activities better with the real lives and needs of customers? We have experience in retail, consumer goods and lifestyles, financial services, healthcare, and digital products. Some clients include BP, Kaiser Permanente, McDonald's, MillerCoors, Wrigley, and Yahoo!
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user research, global research, innovation, design research, ethnography, insights, design & prototyping, empathy training, qualitative research software, qualitative research, design research
Chicago, IL, United States
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10-50 employees
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