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ASI Construction LLC

ASI Construction LLC

ASI Construction LLC (ASI), a proud member of the Shaft Drillers International (SDI) family of companies, is a self-performing Heavy Civil Contractor specializing in Dam Construction, Dam Rehabilitation, Dam Remediation, Dam Safety, and other major Water Resource projects. ASI’s people have successfully completed numerous award-winning heavy civil construction projects in the water resource field across thirty (30) states and six (6) continents, including more than one-hundred (100) dam and dam rehabilitation projects and over thirty-five (35) new RCC dams. ASI specializes in Heavy Civil Infrastructure, Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC), and Earthfill. Other specialties include Hydroelectric and Renewable Energy facilities, Pipelines, Tunnel/Shaft Rehabilitation, and Storm/Sanitary Sewer System improvements. ASI also offers many additional specialized services through our Marine Group including inspection, on-water and underwater construction, diving, and maintenance. As an SDI company, ASI is part of a world leader in Shaft, Dam, Water Resource and Geotechnical Construction solutions. The combined synergies have resulted in exceptional service to our most valued customers. Website: www.asidams.com Careers: asidams.com OR application@asidams.com Twitter @WorkAtSDI Facebook: @asidams and visit @shaftdrillers Call: +1-719-647-2821 SPECIALTIES: Roller-Compacted Concrete Dam Construction Dam Rehabilitation Rockfill Earthfill Tailings Heavy Gate And Valve Installation Diversion And Cofferdam Construction Floating Plant Blasting Excavation Aggregate Washing Aggregate Crushing And Screening Quarry Development Structural Steel Erection High Velocity Steel Water Conveyance Fabrication Aggressive Concrete Cooling Slope Stabilization Hydraulic Concrete Structures Mass Concrete Demolition Controlled And Precise Concrete Demolition Foundation Anchors, Bolts And Tendon Anchors Foundation Grouting
Dams, Roller Compacted Concrete, Dam Rehabilitation, Heavy Civil Construction, Construction, Geotechnical Construction, Dam Construction, Water Resources, Spillways, Blasting, Environmental Remediation, Anchors, Deep Foundations, Concrete
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Company size
200-500 employees
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