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APEC - Associative Power Engineering Community

APEC - Associative Power Engineering Community

APEC - Associative Power Engineering Community is a non-profitable organization. Founded in Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University in October 2006, APEC has pioneered the field of technical student development and is setting new standards by offering more opportunities with rich content. APEC in cooperation with leading multinational/national companies offers free technical courses, visits & summer training opportunities for undergraduates besides many other events. Vision: Provide a development environment for students to flourish their technical and non-technical skills dominating the job market requirements. Mission: To raise the awareness among the students regarding engineering fields updates, and provide a variety of tools to develop the engineering students. Target Market: Engineering students form all departments and throughout all universities centered at the Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University. APEC Main Events: Project Package: aimed at graduating seniors and undergraduates students with bright ideas for projects, a seminar is set up to let sponsor detail their field of business and how they can support students'​ ideas, then proposals from applicants are filtered to arrive at best prospects for technical/financial sponsorship to realize their project. Visits: one day intensive training at companies'​ grounds (factories-labs-stations-construction sites-headquarters) were students get introduced to the work environment and relate academic study to everyday operation. Routes: In-depth session to expand on a topic that the company specializes in, through 4-6 certified sessions, with a follow up project where the students are able to apply what they learned in the sessions, and also can work on one of the challenges the partner is facing. Magazine: The first technical magazine in the university to be managed entirely by students, for free throughout targeted campuses among students and faculty members.
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