How to choose the best contact finders and people aggregators being well aware of their weaknesses?

Using the latest technologies of data collection and indexing, the aggregators use the huge power of BigData to help recruiters to find and connect with top-skilled talents. Can you afford to rely on yesterday's technologies and processes, when today's best individuals are discovered so quickly through contact aggregators?

Recruitment Events Guide 2017. Summer Update

Great opportunity to choose the events to attend in USA this summer for growth and networking.

Recruitment Events Guide 2017

Download our free Events Guide 2017 and plan your business networking in advance.

HR and Recruitments Trends in 2017 and Beyond

With the increase of more and more options with which employees and employers can interact, the challenge of finding the right person with the right, skills, qualities, and experience for a role will only get greater. Holding on to skilled workers will also prove to be an important area to focus on, as competitors will continuously attempt to gain an advantage by offering tempting salaries, conditions and opportunities.

SignalHire is a highly developed recruitment platform designed to streamline the hiring process. Watch this short video to see how easy it is to optimise all your work in one place: intuitively manage individuals, track their mood, create and update jobs, access market analytics by company, and carry out smart team management.

Market Analytics provides you with deep insight into the climate, mood trends, hiring and firing activity by companies and in the industry, and more. You can use it to predict employee behaviour, understand the main problems with staff in the company and in general by industry, and then estimate the right time for hiring. Watch this video to find out more on how to work with charts and get detailed reports.

SignalHire is a complete talent acquisition platform

Take an insider's look at Market Analytics. Switch between three main modules: Company analytics, Industry analytics, and Job opening analytics. View each section to understand what information you can get, how each chart works, and what statistical reports you can upload. It's clear, very informative, and shows the main user benefits.