Business Intelligence

Take advantage of our interactive visual insights into business productivity to maximise your own performance measurements. Analyse the entire hiring process and current progress with access to all key metrics, real-time reports and analytics.

Hiring team ROI metrics

Drive action through compelling operational and sourcing analytics to see your talent funnel hit your targets at every stage of recruitment. Measure turnover rate, cost per hire, time to fill, recruiter efficiency, etc. at a glance to fine-tune your complete recruitment process.

Company analytics

Benefit from deeper insight into employee mood within similar companies and industries. Get a real-time data-driven map of who is likely to switch from their current job. SignalHire’s smart and consumer-friendly technologies allow you to easily track your competitors' employees' mood by location and position, see where their current employees came from, and find out where their ex-employees were hired without a professional market analyst.

Industry analytics

Obtain a competitive benchmarking against industry peers.

Position analytics

Get a real-time, data-driven map of who exactly are likely to switch from their current jobs for a selected position.

Job analytics

Put other companies under the microscope with crucial information at your fingertips. SignalHire’s smart survey solution gives you the full picture on similar companies' recruitment activities. Get detailed data on what positions they are hiring for.

Be always one step ahead  in talent acquisition!