Our Customers

Together Networks is a leading social and online dating business. It has 15 years of experience in the dating market, 20% of global dating traffic, 7B+ impressions monthly, and coverage of 50 countries.

On average per year TN's recruiters need to hire around 150 new employees, meaning that they must process about 4500 candidates manually one after another to get talents that met the skill requirements. Screening by means of out-dated search tools and lack of information about prospects who are ready to new career opportunities eventually wasted too much precious time, especially when it involved highly competitive activity.

The SignalHire complete talent acquisition platform has a predictive candidate availability function that speeds up the hiring process threefold. SignalHire's Business Intelligence allows the user to focus on the most qualified candidates and easily dismiss those who do not fit the requirements in order to build the most relevant candidate pipeline.

Maxpay is a e-commerce platform which helps businesses easily build marketplace, online storefront or subscription services. The service was launched in 2014 and now works with the largest retail banks in Europe, USA, Canada, Great Britain and Asia. The company has two data centers and a team of international staff in several offices all over the world.

As a young, dynamic company, their first major challenge was to quickly build a professional team with the required skills without compromising quality.

The greatest obstacle for their recruiters was reaching out to candidates through the noise created by the thousands of other recruiters who were trying to contact the same candidates. SignalHire's Intelligent analytics allowed Maxpay to find high-quality candidates with the right skill-sets by searching through their peers in the industry. Using special algorithms to predict candidate availability, Maxpay was able to stay one step ahead of their competition in identifying and recruiting the necessary talent

Renatus is a leading social games publisher in the casual gaming market. Their rich portfolio now consists of over 30 games published on the world's most popular app platforms. Renatus entered the game publishing industry in 2012 and gained 10 million active users worldwide within 12 months of its launch. Presently, Renatus Media LLC is a well-established publishing company based in the US with offices in Eastern Europe, and it operates in the world’s most popular app markets.

Due to a vast amount of work, Renatus often experienced a constant shortage of qualified personnel. A high demand for skilled professionals led to poor candidate retention and lengthening of the hiring process.

With the help of SignalHire's complete acquisition platform, Renatus has become much more effective in sourcing, screening and contacting candidates. They use analytics to find relevant candidates with the right skills at the most appropriate time to assemble a team of professionals in marketing, game promotion, analytics, and quality assurance.

ClickDealer has benefited majorly from SignalHire's predictive analytics. Contacting candidates is much easier now and the whole staffing process takes a lot less time. SignalHire's talent acquisition platform has been a great help in picking out the most qualified people for highly specific positions. Sourcing, modified with skill search and enhanced with market analytics, has become 4 times faster and easier. Overall, SignalHire is a prime choice for anyone looking to stack their team with top level talent without wasting time.