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  • Location
    Long Island City, NY, United States
    San Francisco, CA, United States
    Atlanta, GA, United States
    Minneapolis, MN, United States
    Portland, OR, United States
    Seattle, WA, United States
    Miami, FL, United States
    Newark, NJ, United States
    Phoenix, AZ, United States
    San Antonio, TX, United States
    Houston, TX, United States
    Oklahoma City, OK, United States
    Tulsa, OK, United States
    Indianapolis, IN, United States
    Milwaukee, WI, United States
    St Louis, MO, United States
    Richmond, VA, United States
    Detroit, MI, United States
    Los Angeles, CA, United States
    Pasadena, CA, United States
    Nashville, TN, United States
    Brooklyn, NY, United States
    San Jose, CA, United States
    Sacramento, CA, United States
    Baltimore, MD, United States
    Washington D.C., DC, United States
    Philadelphia, PA, United States
    Charlotte, NC, United States
    Tampa, FL, United States
    Boston, MA, United States
    Santa Ana, CA, United States
    Denver, CO, United States
    Austin, TX, United States
    Dallas, TX, United States
    Fort Worth, TX, United States
    Chicago, IL, United States
    Kansas City, MO, United States
    Cincinnati, OH, United States
    Cleveland, OH, United States
    Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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  • Category
  • Employment type
    Full time


  • Sales
  • Bachelors Degree


Moore Professional Staffing is looking for top performers to earn $100,000 or more within the first 12 months of employment; making much more with successful sales. Our client is offering an exclusive opportunity for someone to show their drive and ability to grow. In this position you will be meeting with top-level executives every day in order to help them optimize their current operational and employment processes. At least 1 year of Outside Sales experience is preferred. No sales experience required, but in that case must be extra-driven, and show proof of this. Bachelor's Degree with 3.0 GPA or higher from accredited university IS REQUIRED; highly educated is a plus. Must have at least 1-3 years of working at the same place somewhere on your resume.


Position Overview


The Outside Sales Representative will call mid-market businesses within a given territory. You will call leads, set introductory meetings with executive-level decision-makers, conduct in-depth analyses of the account’s current Human Resource/Payroll policies, and present detailed, compelling business cases to buy the company's services.


They need a candidate with strong analytical, presentation, and communication competencies, as well as someone who knows, or who can be coached on closing the sale. Previous sales experience is not requirement; but a confident, professional style of communication, strong work ethic, and above all drive, will make you a strong candidate. Candidates must have the business acumen to communicate with CFOs and CEOs, as well as with individual users of human capital management (such as VPs of Operations, or Human Resource Managers).


Successfully complete the six-week training program that shall conclude with a week at the headquarters in one of their locations in the Midwest (Northern Texas, Oklahoma, or Nebraska (Must be okay with all three)) . At the end of training, Outside Sales Representatives should be able to differentiate the business impacts associated with each product, approach prospects and clearly articulate their value propositions, and direct a compelling technical demo on the use of the client's services, either in person or by phone.
Prospect a minimum of eight hours each week to procure new appointments. Prospecting will consist of calling warm or cold leads, distributing flyers at the locations of potential clients, and obtaining referrals. Leads are generated from the client's internal database, current marketing campaigns, scouting new businesses within the assigned territory while on set appointments, and additional tools.
Prepare for every sales call. Outside Sales Representatives will conduct extensive research on every account prior to their first visit. They will use various internet tools to more fully understand the organization, identify their key influencers/decision-makers, and find out as much about the prospects’ current Employment Operations as possible (How they currently source employees, and pay them).
Conduct in-depth analyses of their current payroll/HR methodologies with a complete understanding of tools, processes, bottlenecks as well as challenges associated with their current system. Tools and training will be provided, but the best Outside Sales Representatives will ask insightful questions, learn from each interaction, and project confidence and expertise, while leading the discussion. They will listen for key points of discomfort with their current system that can be addressed by the client's tailored solutions. Completed analyses will aid in promoting a compelling business case and financial model, to be included with the quote.
Consistently ask for the sale, overcome objections and involve others (local and regional management team) when necessary to close the deal.
Manage the implementation and transition to the client's platform with a transitional specialist. Outside Sales Representatives facilitate the transition at a kick-off meeting, conduct the initial overview training. Once the system has been fully put in place, you will participate in processing the first payroll, have a post-payroll meeting to assess or troubleshoot any issues.
Update the Client's Potential Client System daily in order to ensure that the information is timely, in good order, and ready to use. From there, monitor the progress in the pipeline of the potential clients.



Bachelor's Degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher from an accredited university IS REQUIRED
Consistent experience working toward a personal/professional goals
Having exp. in formal leadership positions within a social or professional organization is a plus
Proven success through in promotions, employee rankings, or awards
Self-starter with superb organizational skills, and the ability to think strategically
An effective communicator with strong business acumen
Energetic and passionate about your personal brand
Must have a professional demeanor, know how to create daily tasks organizers and use it effectively
Must speak and act like an executive
Must be comfortable working in a quota-driven environment
Have a standard knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel
Be able to pass a thorough background check (criminal, credit, drug screen)

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