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    Vero Beach South, FL, United States
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    Full time


Celebrating over 30 years in Florida, Maschmeyer Concrete has become one of the leading privately-held, family-oriented ready- mix concrete and building materials suppliers in the state of Florida. Maschmeyer takes pride in its people by building strong relationships through the relentless pursuit of our Mission and Core Values. If you are looking for a family environment where a superior work atmosphere is a way of life, then you have found the right team.


The Plant Manager is leader of all team members at his facility. The Plant Manager is responsible for the overall performance of his team as it contributes to the Mission and Core Values. This is accomplished by setting the example through effective communication with hourly employees at a production facility, uplifting morale, prioritizing safety, and ensuring:

                             ·         Quality concrete is produced and delivered

                             ·         Delivery Professionals deliver concrete efficiently

                             ·         The plant is reliable and utilizes preventive maintenance procedures

                             ·         The professional appearance of the plant, batch office, and team members domiciled at the plant is always maintained, and

                             ·         Appropriate inventory levels are maintained on a daily basis.



Evaluations. The Plant Manager conducts HPL Evaluations for all Team Members under his supervision.

Communication. The Plant Manager is the Primary communicator to all team members at his location consistently delivering constructive feedback and positive reinforcement of our Mission and Core Values.



Monthly Safety Meetings.  The Plant Manager conducts monthly meetings at the plant, highlighting safety and maintaining consistent focus on safe behavior. The Plant Manager conducts the meeting based on an agenda established by the Safety Director.

Personal Protective Equipment.  The Plant Manager enforces the wearing of appropriate safety equipment in the plant at all times.

Monthly Plant and Truck Inspections.  The Plant Manager coordinates with the Operations Manager for monthly fleet and plant inspections.



Consistent Batching Sequence.  The Plant Manager maintains the batching sequence arranged by the Operations Manager and Technical Service Manager, notifying them immediately when the loading sequence is altered.

Monitor Incoming Material Quality.  The Plant Manager always assesses the quality and consistency of materials delivered. When significant changes in moisture condition are observed, a cookout is performed and the Operations Manager is notified.

Batching Consistent Slump Concrete.  The Plant Manager batches consistent slump concrete, using moisture meters, communication with Delivery Professionals, and knowledge of the condition of incoming materials to minimize adjustments to original batch.

Monitor Scale and Gate Accuracy.  The Plant Manager verifies batch weight accuracy, ensuring that the prescribed weight of material is batched.  Inventory discrepancies are quickly identified and resolved to ensure there are no scale or gate problems impacting quality or yield.

Certifications.  The Plant Manager possesses FDOT required certifications and ACI Field Testing Level I.



Monitor Payroll Hours.  The Plant Manager is accountable for the integrity of Delivery Professional and yard personnel payroll hours.  Hours worked should match schedule times each day.  Start-up and shutdown time per Delivery Professional should be verified daily as well.

Minimize Loading and Tempering Time.  The Plant Manager emphasizes plant speed and is constantly aware of horn-to-horn time.  This manager is also aware of the tempering time taken by Delivery Professionals, working with Delivery Professionals to safely arrive on each job site in a timely fashion.



Daily Inspection. The Plant Manager reviews a checklist daily, determined by the Operations Manager to ensure equipment is functioning properly.

Plant Reliability.  The Plant Manager and/or yard personnel perform preventive maintenance procedures determined by the Operations Manager.  Periodic inspections are performed to inspect bin integrity, dust collection system, admixture dispensers, gate and rams, and aerator functionality.

Monitor Plant Speed.  The Plant Manager ensures that the plant performs at targeted capacity at all times.

Fleet Reliability.  The Plant Manager ensures that Delivery Professionals perform Daily Vehicle Inspections and holds them accountable for performing vehicle inspections as per company guidelines.



Plant.  Housekeeping is prioritized, with the yard being free from weeds, debris accumulation, and obsolete equipment.  Fuel and oil are stored in an environmentally acceptable manner.  Signs are clean and visible; particularly those for the cement and fly ash fill pipes and aggregate storage designations.

Batch Office.  The batch office is neat and clean, with paperwork well organized and filed in a consistent, disciplined manner.  Appropriate permits, licenses, and governing agency notices are consistently displayed.

Leadership.  The Plant Manager leads the Delivery Professionals, ensuring high quality personal and equipment appearance.



Ordering Materials to Meet Projected Deliveries.  Plant Managers should never run out of cement, aggregates, or any other material during the workday.  Plant Managers accurately forecast raw material consumption for the next day and order each raw material appropriately.  Customer service communicates any changes in current day orders to the plant manager to ensure that dynamic schedule adjustments do not run the plant out of material.

Continual Awareness of Cement and Fly Ash Inventory.  Plant Managers always know the cement inventory level.  Overfilling cement or fly ash silos is not tolerated. 

Physical Inventory Verification.  Cement, fly ash and aggregate inventories are physically verified on a weekly basis.  Admixture inventories are physically verified every month end.  Construction products inventories are also physically verified at month end. Discrepancies are immediately brought to the attention of the Operations Manager.

Paperwork Submitted Accurately and Timely.  Tickets are scanned and turned in promptly.  Backup personnel are trained to submit paperwork in the event of illness, vacation or other absence from work.

Credit and Collection.  Plant Managers assist in the collection of revenue and account for COD sales according to all company policies.

Proper Filing and Documentation.  Important documents are filed in an appropriate manner.  Business licenses and operating permits are kept current.  Plant environmental logs are maintained according to governmental regulations.

FDOT.  Plant Managers maintain and administer state required paperwork, manuals and logs.



·        Competitive rate of pay based on ability & experience

·        Generous Benefits Package: Medical, Dental & Vision options

·        Paid Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability, Holidays & Paid Time Off

·        401K with company match

·        Income Protection Benefit

·        Free Financial Planning

·        Free EAP Programs

·        Tuition Assistance

·        Professional Training & Certifications

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