Aviana Global Technologies, Inc.

IBM CICS SENIOR SYSTEM PROGRAMMER (Aviana Global Technologies, Inc.)

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    Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Employment type


  • CICS


The Consultant shall perform the following:

  • Install, maintain, configure, implement, and support CICS system software
  • Install, maintain, and support all CICS related program products
  • Implement new maintenance and fixes in a manner which minimizes risk and customer impact
  • Plan, coordinate, and deploy new CICS related program products and/or upgrade existing CICS software
  • Perform System Administrator functions for all CICS systems
  • Modify, as necessary, existing customer programs written in Assembler language
  • Monitor use of CICS systems in order to forecast need for additional resources
  • Identify and utilize the best methods for adjusting and tuning the system to maximize system performance
  • Resolve application issues
  • Ensure backup and disaster recovery plans are implemented, tested and used.
    Provide CICS knowledge transfer and mentoring to staff
  • Environment: CICS/TS5.2,TMONCICS,JPUE, DADS, ACF2, Webfocus, Focus, Host Bridge, and MQSeries

The Consultant must meet all of the following minimum qualifications.

Must have 5 years of experience in the last 7 years of:

- installing and maintaining CICS for z/OS, migrating CICS regions to new CICS versions, applying PTF’s and PUT levels using SMP/E, and performing user resource definition requests.

- performing ongoing performance monitoring, diagnosis and tuning, troubleshooting CICS problem issues, and working with the developers in resolving application problems on z/OS.

- programming using Assembler and COBOL.

- experience working with CICS program products (TMON CICS, JPUE, DADS, Host Bridge, MQ Series, Webfocus, Focus), CICS interfaces (IMS, DB2, Adabas/Natural), TSO, ISPF, CLIST, REXX, JCL, VTAM, TCPIP, ACF2, and ParallelSysplex.

- planning how and when to install new products or upgrading existing software considering impact on end-users.

- installing and testing CICS related program products (TMON CICS, JPUE, DADS, Webfocus, Focus, ACF2, Host Bridge, MQSeries).
If called for an interview, candidates may be required to present samples of their own work and provide verifiable work references.

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