How to extract emails from LinkedIn?

Whether you are a recruiter, sales professional, or marketeer, the chances are you use LinkedIn to find candidates, leads, or prospects on a daily basis. And while LinkedIn is really great to find whomever you need, communication via InMails or, even worse, via sending invitations, lowers your outreach success in times. And here is where LinkedIn email extractor comes into play. By using email extractor, you get direct contact details for a person. It helps you not only to increase the response rate of your outreach but also to run remarketing campaigns on Facebook or Google Ads.

Check out the ways below on how to extract emails from LinkedIn and how to extract phone information from LinkedIn at the same time:

First Things First: Extract Emails From LinkedIn by using SignalHire Chrome Extension

The easiest way to extract emails from LinkedIn is to use SignalHire Chrome extension. All you need to do is to install the extension from Chrome store available here

And create a free account with SignalHire here (it’s really free, no credit card required):

That’s it! You are ready to go! Open any profile on LinkedIn and hit SignalHire extension icon located in the top right corner of your browser. The extension will pop up with ‘Reveal Contacts’ button hitting of which will extract emails from LinkedIn user’s page.

SignalHire extension is installed and ready to serve you.

SignalHire extension returnes found data (emails + phone numbers)

Below is a short video on how it works in real time:

As you can see, SignalHire extension not only works as LinkedIn email finder but also answers the question on how to extract phone. The free version of the extension allows you to use it as free LinkedIn email extractor and get emails and phone numbers for up to 10 people per month for free. The paid version adds a possibility to export LinkedIn profiles to any ATS/CRM and also finds emails and phone numbers in bulk (it works as LinkedIn phone number extractor as well).

Here is a short video tutorial on how it works in real time:

If you wonder what other tools similar to SignalHire are out there, you can check out this article, where we compared the most popular ones.

Find email and phone numbers from LinkedIn without any software for free

While using SignalHire Chrome extension to extract emails from LinkedIn is one of the best and most convenient ways to do the task, there are some other ones that may help you as well.

It’s possible to do for your 1st connections on LinkedIn by following these steps:

  • Click the ‘My Network’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, Click the number above ‘Your connections’ on the left rail.
  • Click ‘Manage synced and imported contacts on the right rail.

You will be landed on the page with your contacts emails

Another option is to do it manually by opening each profile and then hitting Contact info button

It will show you an email address of a person and other contact information that the person has agreed to be shared.


The contact and personal information of your connections and contacts is visible on the introduction card on their profile only if they opt to share those details. So while this option is obvious, it doesn’t give you a lot of emails as too few people share their contact info with others.

How to find emails for people who are not in your contact list with LinkedIn Recruiter

The last and the most expensive way to get emails from LinkedIn is by opting for LinkedIn Recruiter license. While the pricing for 1 LinkedIn Recruiter seat isn’t mentioned anywhere on their website, its average cost is around $8k (according to numerous feedback on the WEB). So what are the perks of having LinkedIn Recruiter seat other than having full access to their database? LinkedIn provides you with access to their own Chrome extension called Connectifier. This extension comes for free and operates almost like SignalHire extension. It searches for the emails across the WEB and returns found ones. Emails are not directly tied with LinkedIn profiles but may be mentioned on other social media websites. Even though it looks like a great option, we are not quite sure if it’s worth $8k investing when there are so many other tools (including SignalHire extension, of course!) that do this job better and at a much lower cost.

SignalHire is one of the best emails and phone numbers finders

  • Get contact details for up to 90% of people all over the web
  • Use only up-to-date and real-time verified contact data
  • Export enriched profiles directly to your ATS/CRM

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