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Yapı Merkezi

Yapı Merkezi

Yapı Merkezi, founded in 1965, aims "to create and to realize construction projects that will serve humanity by creating happy environments"​. Yapı Merkezi realizes projects of universal dimensions and always reaches her targets with the determination to complete every project by delivering products and services on time, within budget and with the specified quality. In realizing these targets, Yapı Merkezi pursues beauty with a passion and always considers aesthetic sense as a bridge of judgement between concept and reality. Yapı Merkezi always considers professional and humanitarian measures as well as technical measures and processes knowledge to be a scale organization in all her activities. Yapı Merkezi is open, transparent, innovative, basing decisions upon knowledge processing and pioneering in all her fields of activity. Yapı Merkezi respects the laws, belief, traditions and history of all communities where her activities are located. 42 million m² of structures we have engineered provide happiness for their users. With 3600 km of railways and 400 stations in 51 projects, we provide safe transport for more than 3,5 million passengers daily in three continents. 7.500 km of waterproof pipeline provides clean water to hundreds of locations in 42 countries. By producing 3.000 kg/cm² strength concrete, we serve to the civilization. Thousands of students are developing themselves daily through the education that we provide in our school. All these are meaningful marks of success for the Yapı Merkezi family. Yapı Merkezi, with a confidence originating from half a century of experience, is a rising value of Turkey with its investments, equity and thousands of family members, as well as its successful history. As it has been to this day, so will it be from this day on that as our skill in “knowledge processing” and "displaying aesthetic sense” grows, Yapı Merkezi will be a company with the quality of being a trusted and admirable World Brand.
General Contracting, Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipe Production, Real Estate Development, Education (From kindergarten to University), Post Tensioning and Heavy Lifting, Monitoring Control and Communication Systems, Prefabrication, Restoration and Strengthening
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