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UniLibre Pty Ltd

UniLibre Pty Ltd

Attention UniVerse and UniData clients ... Turn the data you already have into information you can act on. Acting on intelligent, trusted information adds great value to your business and yields improved business performance. Invite UniLibre to help you; * Expose your U2 data, * Show what it all means, in a meaningful way, * Show how your information relates across your organisation and * Enable improved business performance through trusted information management processes. We understand that history has told you loudly and repeatedly that your data is locked away; it is far too expensive to expose. What, you have multi-values and sub values!!?? Now it's our turn to speak so feel free turn up the volume and enjoy what follows. UniLibre will expose, standardise and automate U2 data extraction achieving enterprise data integration no matter how difficult your U2 file layouts. We expose your information to a relational database so that your business can trust it and freely use it with modern tools. Furthermore, this information can be delivered where and when it is needed in a colourful, productive and standard way; desktop, web or mobile. If you are a U2 database client, please Follow Us and stay abreast of developments and projects. Feel free to post ideas and contribute to our U2 IM CoE. In short, we invite you to get involved. Visit our website for more information
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Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Information Management, UniVerse database, UniData database
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