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uGly Duckling B.V.

uGly Duckling B.V.

Ugly Duckling use engineering and management techniques to help financial organisations reduce operational risks associated with software and spreadsheets. Engineering Ugly Duckling’s unique proposition is a combination of management, software and finance tools, techniques and practices. Our T-Bar approach allows us to assist with financial mathematics whilst guaranteeing cutting-edge implementation. At the same time, we link the production of financial products to tools for management. We deliver at three levels: the product, the team and the organisation. Our Work Ugly Duckling collaborates with our partners in applying engineering practices, like the ‘smoke test’ or the ‘delivery pipeline’, in order to reduce operational risks, increase productivity and reduce defects. We specialise in building libraries and applying object technology. Our partners include pension funds, pension managers & merchant banks. Financial Community The application of engineering practices to financial engineering is new. Ugly Duckling have, for over a decade, helped grow and maintain the community of practitioners that are needed to sustain a movement. Via this European wide community of practice, our clients have access to experts and knowledge that they can use to rapidly solve their own problems. Specialties agile software, financial mathematics, coaching, test driven development (TDD)
Financial Services
software engineering, financial engineering, agile project management, TDD, Functional Testing, Testing, Econometrics, Workshop, Dojo, Kata
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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1-10 employees
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