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The Helmsley Group

The Helmsley Group

As a wise investor, you’ll be seeking sound and secure investment opportunities with good returns. As an experienced investor, you’ll want to retain control, and you’ll understand the importance of balancing your portfolio. At Helmsley, we provide you and others like you with exactly that – the opportunity to build your own portfolio of commercial property and loan papers, secured against property assets, as part of your overall investment assets or self-administered pension fund. In need of funding? Alternatively, if you are in need of development finance to kick-start or complete a property-related development, Helmsley has investors keen to provide the capital you need, via syndication. What makes us special? For investors this isn’t about buying into property-related stock market share schemes or geared funds. It’s about you investing directly in property, or investing in development loans secured against property assets. For over 35 years now, we’ve been successfully bringing together private funders and developers, and successfully identifying good commercial property opportunities for syndicated investors. In 2016 alone we have acquired assets of £20.0 million for syndicated property investors, to add to our property portfolio of 58 properties which is now valued at over £120 million, with no bank borrowings. We don’t invest your money for you, or charge exorbitant commissions; we simply provide you with the scope to invest with other like-minded individuals, and spread your investments for maximum flexibility, minimum risk and optimum opportunity, leaving you in control. We can do this so successfully because we provide an unrivalled blend of financial and property expertise and our track record is exemplary.
Real Estate
The Syndication of Property Investment, The provision of Development Finance, Property Development
York, United Kingdom
Company size
10-50 employees
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