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Shaker Heights City School District

Since the construction of its first school building some 80 years ago, the Shaker Heights City School District has grown into one of the finest public school systems in the United States. Families from all over the United States seek out Shaker Heights because of its outstanding schools and distinctive programs. The Shaker schools currently serve approximately 5,600 students in eight buildings: five K-4 elementary schools; Woodbury Elementary School (grades 5 and 6); Shaker Middle School (grades 7 and 8) and Shaker Heights High School (9-12). An evaluation by the Ohio Department of Education noted: “The exemplary character of this school district does not happen solely by chance or by the good fortune of factors that favor educational quality. It is the result of outstanding leadership and long-range planning at the administrative level, both at the district level and at each of the buildings. It is associated with high expectations of staff and students. It reflects the continuing priority to bring outstanding teachers to the district and to support them as professionals. It is achieved through shared decision-making, commitment to achieving outcomes, and high community involvement. It represents attending to the needs of each child without ever losing the focus that student learning is the ultimate criterion that keeps faith with the primary mission of the schools. That Shaker Heights maintains its educational excellence through changing times and conditions is a testament to never resting on laurels, but continually striving for improvement.”
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