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Sealed Mindset Leaders

Sealed Mindset Leaders

Sealed Mindset Leaders Sealed Mindset works with CEOs, CFOs, and Heads of HR to optimize team performance and build simple systems for a stronger leadership culture. We achieve this by helping these companies invigorate their culture, add depth to their wellness programs, and align their teams to shared goals, while strengthening customer relationships. Mindset Matters: Middle School and High School Programs Sealed Mindset works with forward thinking Middle School and High School Principals who wish to teach students positive leadership action. We work with Middle School Principals are looking for a fresh, positive approach to their current anti-bullying and character programs that many be considered too negative by their staffs. We work with High School Principals who are looking for a way to address the invincibility of their senior class to help young adults learn better self awareness and personal safety skills for the new-found independence and new surroundings encountered after high school. COURAGE. HONOR. RESPECT. RESPONSIBILITY. COMMUNICATION. CONFIDENCE. PERSEVERANCE. INNOVATION.
New Hope, Minnesota
Company size
10,001+ employees
Team Building & Appreciation Events, Corporate Leadership Training, Team Optimization, Culture & Behavior Modification
Top employees at
Sealed Mindset Leaders
Meagan Karnes
Founder, President
Greater San Diego Area

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