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Sea Save Foundation

Sea Save Foundation

Sea Save Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the world's oceans. Previous Sea Save Projects Have Included: Documenting shark finning at Cocos Island, Costa Rica and presenting our findings to Costa Rica President Jose Maria Figueres and the Minister of Natural Resources, Alvaro Ugalde. The images stood witness to this illegal practice and were published throughout the Costa Rica and Internernational press and influenced a positive vote several weeks later that expanded the protected areas around Cocos Island National Park. 2. Partnered with the government of Costa Rica and assisted in the development of the successful petition for Cocos Island's inclusion in the prestigious list of United Nations World Heritage Site. (The first petition submitted was rejected.) Our images illustrated the importance of the underwater and land animals resident to the island. We accompanied the United Nations delegation to Cocos Island, and the petition was accepted. Cocos Island is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 3. Developed a series of postage stamps with the Costa Rican Postmaster General illustrating the beauty of the Pacific and Caribbean underwater areas of Costa Rica. This series sold out faster than any other in Costa Rica's history and was lauded by the Costa Rican press, as well as international magazines such as The Pacific Rim and the Cousteau Society's publications
Malibu, California
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10,001+ employees
Advocacy, Ocean Conservation, Research, Education, Shark Conservation, Media
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Sea Save Foundation
Georgienne Bradley
Director of the Board
Greater Los Angeles Area
Cherilyn Jose
Social Media Manager
Union City, California
Michaela Davidson
Photo Editor
Puyallup, Washington
Rebeca Kaplan
Director Of Development
Greater Los Angeles Area

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