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Saurango Handicrafts Private Limited

Saurango Handicrafts Private Limited

"Sau" means Hundred, "Rango" means colors. India is a land of traditions and cultures and is greatly known for its colors. At Saurango, we bring you the essence of lives and arts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and all the small villages that have so much art to offer. We reached out to long lost Nationsl Award Winning artists of India and got them to join us at Saurango so that we may help them promote their art worldwide. We ship these products to all over India, United States of America, Europe and most of Asia so that all those travellers who have always wanted to acquire these arts and colors of India, can be provided with the best of the best. We boast that all these products listed by us are completely HAND-MADE. Therefore, no two products would be the same, unless customized on order. These artists are National Award winners that have been doing this for generations, without bothering about benefits. Saurango is an initiative to bring them onto the worldwide market for people to own and enjoy these beautiful creations, and to help in betterment of those people, families and villages. We are a small team determined to do something for these artists. You can find us on various E-Commerce Portals throughout India, USA, Europe and most of Asia.
Import and Export
Hand Crafted Products, Collaboration with National Award Winning Artists, Custom Hand Crafted Items
Company size
1-10 employees
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