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Redcello Ltd

The Redcello Private Cloud is built on our own dedicated infrastructure to a fully resilient modular architecture, in support of finance and enterprise compliance standards, offering High Availability and Optional Fault Tolerance capabilities, along with Secondary DR/BCP configurations designed to the same standard. Strategically located next to the London Financial Markets Exchange and a fast secure low latency connection away from many other key interconnection services, like the Public Cloud Exchange, our Private Cloud Platform, assists clients bridge network, cloud and storage services, enabling enhanced business processes and digital operations. Offering Multi-Vendor Multi-Path connectivity options to Multi-Site, Multi-Platform HA Clustered Implementations, Dedicated Private Cloud Manage Service can be tailored to meet the most stringent of Client Up-time requirements and SLA's. Redcello understands the value and importance of our client's data, with systems and services deployed and operated to ISO 27001 Standards, and in collaboration with clients own compliance and governance needs. Some examples of how we can help are: - Instant-On & Custom Private Clouds - Production / DR / Test & Dev - Virtual Desktop / Workstation Platforms - Distributed Security Systems - Business Continuity Environments - Data Management Systems - ISV & DevOps Platforms as a Service - Orchestration Services - Bandwidth and Global WAN Connectivity Contracting Services - Virtual CTO Services - Cloud Service Design and Strategy - Network & Cloud Security Services - Hybrid Cloud Management - Enterprise Cloud Readiness Assessments - Data Centric Solution Services - Data Management and Storage Solutions
Hereford, Herefordshire
Company size
10,001+ employees
Enterprise Technology Services, Hybrid Cloud Services, Hardware / Software Resell, Consulting, IT Projects, Fintech, Private Cloud Services, Analytics, Data Visualisation, Database as a Service, Security Systems, Networking Services
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Redcello Ltd
Jonathan Kerkin
Director of Service Design and Consulting (Contract)
Brisbane, Australia

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