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QuIC Financial Technology

QuIC Financial Technologies Inc, is a global solutions provider of risk management, pricing and financial analytics. QuIC was acquired by the leading Data Provider - Markit in January 2011. We have developed the QuIC Component Suite to meet the core requirements involved in risk management. Our experts then combine these components to create a bespoke solution perfect for you. This solution provides you with exceptional computational speed and power, and the flexibility to grow and adapt with your organisation -- all on a single, scalable framework. As a company we are also developing more off the shelf solutions for the non Tier -one market.
Financial Services
CVA, Economic Capital - CVaR, PFE, Credit Risk Solutions, IRC, Market Risk Solution, Stress Testing, Solvency II - Insurance solutions, Cost of Credit / CVA for Energy Market, PFE for Energy Market, Bespoke Monte Carlo Solutions
Company size
100-200 employees
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