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“QUAESTOR was a dream, which could come true thanks to Hungary’s transition to market economy. It is proof of what I learned from my father and grandfather: if you work hard and with a purpose, your effort can bring fruit in the long run. The success of the QUAESTOR Group is attributable to both of its staff and clients. During the years of transition we had the dual task of building this company and Hungarian society. We have become a unique player in the market, which I chiefly ascribe to our innovative ability and pioneering ideas. For us bottom-up development was not a slick slogan but a fact of life. Most of my immediate colleagues joined this Group when it was just a sole company and a small one at that. Many members of the management team began their career at QUAESTOR and have stayed ever since. They keep learning new things to remain on top. Needless to say, some members of the management team joined us later, over the past twenty years, and their arrival has done us good. The informal workplace atmosphere and team spirit that marked the initial family venture have not changed." - Csaba Tarsoly - President/CEO of QUAESTOR Group
Company size
10,001+ employees
Financial Services, Travel Agency, Investments, Telecommunication

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