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Putnam Investments

Putnam Investments

Putnam Investments is a global money management firm with 75 years of investment experience. Our broad range of investment products includes advisor-sold mutual funds; 401(k)s, IRAs, and other retirement plans; variable annuities; and institutional portfolios. Putnam 529 for America is sponsored by the State of Nevada, acting through the Trustees of the College Savings Plans of Nevada and the Nevada College Savings Trust Fund. Anyone may invest in the plan and use the proceeds to attend school in any state. Before investing, consider whether your state's plan or that of your beneficiary offers state tax and other benefits not available through Putnam 529 for America. If you withdraw money for something other than qualified higher education expenses, you will owe federal income tax and may face a 10% federal tax penalty on earnings. Consult your tax advisor. Putnam Retail Management, principal underwriter and distributor. Putnam Investment Management, investment manager. For important disclosure, go to www.putnam.com/socialmedia Putnam Retail Management
Financial Services
financial-services, investment-management
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company size
1000-5000 employees
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