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New York State Department of Labor

New York State Department of Labor

The Department of Labor plays a major role in strengthening New York State’s economy by connecting job seekers to jobs, supporting businesses in hiring, assisting the unemployed and protecting workers. That is the agency’s mission. The department helps coach and train job seekers, connects workers to businesses and partners with businesses to help them compete in today’s global economy. The agency also assists the unemployed, with a special focus on the long-term unemployed. It also provides specialized services for veterans, youth and the formerly incarcerated. The Labor Department vigorously enforces state labor laws to ensure a fair wage for all, a level playing field for businesses and the safety and health of workers and the public. The department’s 96 Career Centers around the state offer a wide range of services for job seekers, including: job coaching and referrals; basic job-skills training; resource rooms; and SMART resume technology to match a person’s skills to available jobs. Highly trained staff members help job seekers to find employment and help employers to find qualified workers. Find jobs in your region: www.labor.ny.gov/jobs. No-cost job fairs and customized recruitment services can be tailored to the needs of a business to assist in their hiring needs. Department of Labor Business Service Team members will help a business review applicants, set up and schedule events and match candidates based on skills and applicable hiring and training incentives. This is just one of the many no-cost services provided to any business in New York State. Businesses may also take advantage of Jobs Express, Governor Cuomo’s online jobs database. By using these services an average business in New York State could save tens of thousands of dollars each year. Learn more about hiring incentives, posting jobs and other services for businesses: www.labor.ny.gov/hire.
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