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Mediatel Data SRL

Mediatel Data SRL

Established in 1996, Mediatel Data Company has demonstrated a commitment to developing powerful CTI - Computer Telephony Integration like: Call Center Solutions, IVR platforms, Teleconferences, Telephony Conversations Recorders, SoftSwitch, Workforce and VoIP Gateways. Mediatel Data is developing applications across a variety of business environments, looking for a business-to-business relationship for long term. Developing modular, building-block component products applications, our clients can move quickly to benefit from innovative business communications solutions that meet the evolving demands of users. After the sale, Mediatel Data focuses on clients support with an array of technical maintenance, consulting, and training services. These services let use our depth of experience and expertise in all aspects of CTI technology. Your net result is a shorter time to market and savings in your research and development budget. The great advantage of services offered by Mediatel Data is that the telephony services functionalities match exactly to the client requests and the telephony workflow is fully customize for them . Supporting the customers before, along and after the sale, Mediatel Data focuses on your assisting with an array of technical support, consulting and training services. This continuous and extended assistance will allow you to rely on our strong expertise and experience in CTI technology aspects and to focus only on your business needs.
Computer Software
Call Center, IVR - Interactive Voice Response, Voice Platform, TeleConference, Contact Center, Workforce, CRM, Survey, Reporting, Monitoring, Predictive Dialing, Voice&Video Recording, Ticketing, Email, Chat, Social media integrated platform, Omnichannel, Multichannel
Bucharest, Romania, Romania
Company size
10-50 employees
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