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Mary Clavieres Consulting

Mary Clavieres Consulting

Are you striving for better communication within your team? Stronger engagement? More creativity and innovation? Mary Clavieres Consulting uses the Whole Brain® Thinking approach to empower you to tap into your team’s full potential. WHAT IS WHOLE BRAIN THINKING? Whole-brain thinking is about using the combined power of the left and right brain to deliver high performance and impactful results in your organization. Implementing whole brain thinking within your business will provide leaders at all levels with the tools they need to succeed. ⇢ WHOLE BRAIN® COMMUNICATION: we train teams to communicate using a whole-brain approach which helps to build relationships across thinking preferences. ⇢ WHOLE BRAIN® CHANGE MANAGEMENT: we work with teams to use whole-brain approaches to plan and execute projects using both left-brain and right-brain preferences. ⇢ CUSTOMIZED WHOLE BRAIN® WORKSHOPS: whole brain thinking can be applied to all aspects of an organization. We are happy to partner with you to develop a customized approach to meet your team’s needs. WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE IN A COMPANY? Let’s say two teams are being merged together and want to improve their communication skills across the team. Using the Whole Brain model, I can take them through the different quadrants of the brain — analytical, holistic/forward thinking, people/emotion, and implementation/planning. Then we walk through the current state of the group: what is happening with the team, where they want to be in the future, who can help them get there, what tools they need, and the overall plan to make it happen. The result is a strategy to improve communication around this significant transition within the company. There are many other examples of this process helping companies work through transition, including the end of a partnership or a change in leadership To learn more about a change management or workshops for your company, visit maryclavieres.com!
Professional Training & Coaching
Change Management, Whole Brain Thinking Approach, Whole Brain Workshops, Corporate Workshops, Team Building, Leadership
New York, New York, United States
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1-10 employees
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