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Liverpool ChiroChem Ltd

Liverpool ChiroChem Ltd

Liverpool ChiroChem supplies specialist building blocks for pharmaceutical research and biotechnology. LCC was established in Liverpool, United Kingdom, in June 2014. The founding team consists of chemists with academic and industrial experience that have developed state-of-the-art synthetic methods in asymmetric catalysis. LCC’s methods give access to a wide range of chiral amines in excellent enantiomeric purity. Our initial focus is on the production and supply of chiral piperidines, which are of great importance to drug discovery and development due to their excellent pharmacokinetic properties e.g. improved solubility and bioavailability. Our own unique production methods combined with our strong relationships with specialist manufacturers allow us to guarantee: •Unique products. •Excellent chemical and enantiomeric purity. •Highly competitive pricing. •Catalogue compounds held in stock, ready for next day delivery to UK. We base ourselves around 3 resolute facts : •The pharmaceutical industry requires a continual feedstock of new drug molecules. •Medicinal chemists require a continual supply of new building blocks in order to produce new drugs. •LCC’s catalytic methods allow commercial production and supply of specialist building blocks that have long been highly desired but largely unavailable using traditional methods, which lack the efficiency to be commercially viable. Please visit us at http://www.liverpoolchirochem.com/ Or contact us at info@liverpoolchirochem.co.uk
Chemical building blocks, Chiral small molecules, Chiral N-Heterocycles, API's, Fine Chemicals
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1-10 employees
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