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ITAV - Institut des Technologies Avancées en sciences du Vivant

ITAV - Institut des Technologies Avancées en sciences du Vivant

ITAV - The Institut des Technologies Avancées en Sciences du Vivant (ITAV) –Advanced Technology Institute in Life Sciences is an interdisciplinary Institute under the supervision of the CNRS, Toulouse University and INSA. It is located on the ONCOPOLE cancer research dedicated campus in Toulouse (Southwest of France). ITAV shares the premises of the Centre Pierre Potier, where are housed a number of start-up companies in the field of biotechnology. ITAV is a research team incubator, where groups are selected by a scientific advisory board to work on original and pioneering interdisciplinary projects. ITAV provides researchers with an original environment designed to support high-risk hypothesis validation, to amplify interaction between fields of research and to mature partnerships with companies. The originality of this institute is to gather together specialists in various fields including cancer biology, chemistry, nanotechnology, mathematics, ... L’ITAV héberge trois plateformes technologiques dédiées aux recherches interdisciplinaires de ses équipes et également ouvertes à l’ensemble de la communauté scientifique : Bionanotechnologie Chimie-biologie – chimie de synthèse automatisée Imagerie photonique multi-échelle 2013 CALL FOR NEW RESEARCH TEAMS - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2232620/AO-ITAV-2013.pdf
Interdisciplinary research, Technological platforms, Bionanotechnologies, Chemistry, 3D Imaging, Cancer Biology
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100-200 employees
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