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Inter Religious Federation for World Peace

Inter Religious Federation for World Peace

The IRFWP is an international, interreligious organization with a 37 year history, overseen by an executive administration and a multi-religious board of advisers. Discord, conflict, and separation lie at the root of human suffering and violence. These negative forms of relating are not limited to religions of course, but they do exist there as well. Religious evil especially violates our sensibilities, often is most enduring and intractable , and can generate extreme forms of horror. The 38 year old Inter Religious Federation for World Peace exists solve these negatives in the religious world, to dissolve the evils that arise from these forms of conflict, and to instigate harmonious and collaborative relationships that then extend beyond religion to all parts of life, education, media, politics, arts and entertainment, and all else. IRFWP is unique in its knowledge and capacity for dialogue and reconciliation, and in its history of success in extinguishing the flames of hatred and bringing about reconciliation and enduring collaboration among religions and believers. Conscientious leaders from all areas, not just religious people are encouraged to support the crucial work of IRFWP, both financially, and with talent and good will. Supporting IRFWP contributes to safety and opportunity, both in the urgent short term, and in the chance to build a healthy and peaceful future. IRFWP exists to establish inter-religious councils that serve municipalities, nations, regions, and the United Nations. IRFWP councils comprise enlightened, peace-seeking religious leaders and scholars from all world religions, who consult and collaborate to offer wisdom and guidance to social, political, and economic leaders to advance peace, prosperity, and wholesome life at all levels.
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