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Husk Power Systems

Husk Power Systems

Husk provides affordable and reliable power to households and businesses in rural villages. The first Hulk plant was established as an experiment in August 2007 in Tamkuha, Champaran, Bihar. The plant lit up, Tamkuha, which means “fog of darkness”, for the first time in its history. Husk was formally incorporated in 2008 and is based in Patna, Bihar, India. In the first five years, Husk grew to reach 10,000 customers, and in the process learned that rural customers wanted more than just access to power at night. They wanted “on-demand” reliable power - night and day – to meet all their energy needs that ranged from LEDs, to refrigerators, to welding machines. By understanding how rural customers aspired to use power, Husk developed an energy solution that gave them the freedom and flexibility they desired. In 2014, they pioneered a hybrid system that could generate 24/7 power by synchronizing solar and biomass gasification power plants. This innovative system reduced battery storage requirements by 75% resulting in cost savings of more than 30%. Husk's solar-biomass hybrid power plants is the lowest cost solution that can deliver 24/7 alternative current (AC) power to households and commercial customers such as welding machine shops, telecom towers, rice and flour mills. By bringing AC power to rural communities they are giving customers the opportunity to plug in any off-the-shelf appliances like TVs, refrigerators, and industrial machinery.
Renewables & Environment
Patna, Bihar, India
Company size
200-500 employees
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