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Geospatial Geoscience Ltd.

Geospatial Geoscience Ltd.

With a unique mix of geoscience and geospatial experience, Simon Kettle is the owner and GIS Consultant at Geospatial Geoscience Ltd. Geospatial Geoscience Ltd. offers GIS (Geographical Information System) and geoscience (e.g. geology) information services for the Oil and Gas Industry. I created Geospatial Geoscience as I have a passion for maps and geology. A love of geology and maps has developed into a career working with geoscientific and geospatial data producing a unique set of skills and knowledge that helps to bridge the gap between geological and geospatial information. Geospatial Geoscience will help to manage, analyse and visualise your data. The company provides: 1. Geospatial data management, such as data acquisition and processing as well as writing documentation for data governance and standards. A recent project involving these skills was working with a multinational oil operator on their global GIS data project. This project involved the collaboration of teams across multiple countries to construct standards and data governance that could be used across the group. 2. Geospatial data analysis, including the development of tools and workflows to create map products for exploration. Consulting on workflows already in use and using tools such as Python to speed up and improve efficiency. An example of this service includes the creation of a Python tool to calculate geospatial parameters to report on statutory oil spill modelling requirements. 3. Bespoke training for using ArcGIS software in Oil and Gas Industry. We have experience providing training courses around the world. Contact me to find out more about how we can train your staff to use GIS more efficiently! Contact me to find out more | skettle@ggspatial.co.uk | www.ggspatial.co.uk
Oil & Energy
ESRI, ArcGIS, Geoscience, Oil and Gas Exploration, Geology, Data Management, Geospatial Analysis, project work, mapping
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom
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