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Estill Medical Technologies, Inc.

Estill Medical Technologies, Inc.

Portable, Battery-powered, Disposable. The Thermal Angel Blood Warmer is an in-line, battery-powered disposable, lightweight and completely portable blood and IV fluid infusion warming device, capable of intravenous application and irrigation warming. The Thermal Angel Blood Warmer can be used to help prevent fluid-induced hypothermia. Simple: With 5 quick steps, the Thermal Angel Blood and IV Warmer will provide warm fluids within 45 seconds. Because the Thermal Angel Blood Warmer is disposable, there are no complicated or time-consuming maintenance protocols. Set it up, use it and dispose of it. It's that simple. See our short instructional video. Portable: The Thermal Angel Blood Warmer is a very advanced battery-powered fluid warmer. Its small size (9 inches/23 cm) and weight (9 ounces/260 grams) allows you to provide warm fluids in locations, departments and environments never serviced before. Cost Effective: As trauma situations require immediate attention, time and effort should be spent with patient care, not complex equipment. The Thermal Angel proves to be a cost-effective tool in reducing staff time, training, maintenance and patient hypothermia complications.
Dallas, TX
Company size
10,001+ employees
Blood Warming, IV Warming, Fluid Warming, Hypothermia, Hospital, Medical Devices, EMS, Battery-Powered Fluid Warmer, Disposable IV Warmer, EMT, Paramedics, First Responders, Flight Services, Pre-hospital, Fire, Flight Service, Medics, Portable Fluid Warmer, Quick Warm Up
Top employees at
Estill Medical Technologies, Inc.
David Newby
Controller & Director of Supply Chain Management
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Jay Lopez
President and CEO (Thermal Angel Blood Warmer)
Dallas, Texas
Michael Bardsley
CFO and Director of Operations
Dallas/Fort Worth Area

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