Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker

Shape the future through Quality! A company committed to its people and to its brand, to tradition and to dynamism. Since its foundation in 1891, Dr. Oetker has remained true to its origins, and is still a family-owned company committed to shaping the future through quality. It has grown considerably since then, however, and now has company subsidiaries on every continent. When it comes to corporate responsibility, our high sense of commitment applies to each and every one of our many locations. We have a high sense of social responsibility, because we are a part of society; a high sense of environmental responsibility, because the environment is where we draw the resources for our varied products from, and a high sense of staff responsibility, because it is our employees who, through their day-to-day dedication, are responsible for developing our successful, high quality solutions. Indeed, their commitment is what ensures that our customers’ confidence in the brand remains strong. We therefore go to great lengths to ensure that our staff feels at home at Dr. Oetker and to foster their long term development.
Company size
10,001+ employees
Top employees at
Dr. Oetker
Natalie Begin
Quality Assurance Supervisor
London, Ontario, Canada
Andy Olsen
Executive Manager, Supply Chain & Operations
Melbourne, Australia
Sergio Rodrigo
Executive Regional Manager
Rio de Janeiro Area, Brazil
Konstantin Polev
Supply Chain Manager
Russian Federation
Junior Barros
Supervisor de Vendas Regional MT, RO e AC
Cuiabá Area, Brazil

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