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Cognizant SetCon GmbH

Cognizant SetCon GmbH

Our claim to offer high-value IT services in specialized areas is already visible in the company name, SetCon is short for Software Engineering and Test Consulting. At Cognizant SetCon we conceive our leading topic, software engineering, as the combination of the analysis of business processes, the gathering of requirements, the documentation of the solution and the technical implementation (architecture, design, development, test). In contrast to other IT service providers we intergrate the not less important topics Performance Engineering, Testing and Quality Management into our project approach. This enables us to achieve better quality which results in cost-efficient solutions for our clients. But our competences not only reside in the implementation of holistic projects, with our own methods and practices we can realize quick and economic results for sub-projects like test management, performance testing, requirements engineering or architecture reviews. Our goal for all mentioned topics is to be methodically leading and having great expertise in all current tools and techniques to attend our clients from strategic consulting up to operational execution. Cognizant SetCon GmbH was founded within the German C1 Group in February 2005 by its managing director Stephan Scheer and aquired by US-based Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) in February 2013.
Information Technology and Services
Quality Assurance Services, Software Development, Performance Engineering, Embedded Systems Engineering, SAP Testing Services
München, Germany
Company size
100-200 employees
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Cognizant SetCon GmbH
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