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Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar School

Founded in 1881 Caulfield Grammar School now has over 3,200 students and 800 employees. An independent, co-educational school, our Mission is to enable quality learning every day in every experience for every learner for life whilst our vision is to be a leading, internationally recognised, co-educational school fostering responsible global citizenship. We value: • Creativity and Innovation • Excellence and Achievement • Thriving and Belonging • Cultivating a Passion in and for life We are a large school with 5 campuses, including one in Nanjing China. Starting from early learning up to Year 12, we are able to offer a breadth of career opportunities with a strong emphasis on employee professional learning. How do our team describe working here? Well, we asked them, and here’s what they had to say. “Stimulating environment that has provided numerous opportunities for professional growth, as well as a respectful and thriving culture” “Diverse opportunities, dynamic, demanding, high performing professional community” “Professional workplace, strong focus on teaching and learning, collaborative approach, multiple opportunities” “it’s a great school with lots of opportunity for me to grow as a professional and constantly evolving and striving for best practice” Are you an inspiring educator or expert in your chosen field? Do you share our vision and values? Then we want to hear from YOU! Follow us to learn more about being part of the Caulfield Grammar School team. You can also register your interest in vacancies here: https://caulfieldgs.bigredsky.com/page.php?pageID=547&action=register&windowUID=0
Education Management
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Company size
500-1000 employees
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